Sentinel was one of the first process service companies in Kansas City. It was started in to satisfy a need for a private firm to serve legal documents.

We make use of modern processes and serving methods. Our friendly office members offer collection agencies, landlords, attorneys, and other individuals or businesses with effortless, precise, and fast legal support.  If you need documents served, copied, filed or some other related services, Sentinel can do it for you.

Our crew of process servers, investigators and office staff has more than 100 years of combined legal support service experience.  We continue to show our efforts and knowledge to enhance the work that we do for our loyal clients.  At Sentinel, we place our values at the center of every job we do. Our values include proactive work ethic, honesty, and client-centered motivation.

At Sentinel, our legal support services extend beyond service of process.  They are all geared by the same attention to detail.  Sentinel offers effective and quality service or process to our clients Nationwide and outside of just the Kansas City Metropolitan area.

We take pride in our work and aim to exceed the expectations of our clients. We are the leading expert legal support service firm in Kansas City.  So, you can rest assured that your case can continue without any errors. Our process servers know the sensitivity of legal documents and the hassle which often comes with having the papers served. That’s why our team takes the time to know the rules and regulations of the state.  We treat all cases with respect and care.

Welcome to Sentinel – The Most Knowledgeable and Consistent Private Investigation Service Company with More than 100 Years of Experience in the Industry!

Are you looking for a comprehensive database and high-speed technology to find people? We offer precise and current records for those hard-to-find individuals.  We use client portal where you can access all job-related activity.   

Attorneys, landlords, private individuals, collection agencies, – we are here for you! Sentinel is a full-service process serving company headquartered in Kansas City. We serve legal documents not just in Kansas City and the metro area, but nationwide.  We have offices across the United States.  Our mission is to be your #1 choice, providing quick service at a reasonable cost.

Whether your documents must be served down the street or across the continent, you can depend on our preferred process servers.  We have trained experts who have a complete understanding of ethical and legal procedures. We treat your files with the same sense of urgency and care as you do!

We Guarantee Quick, Proficient Service at Both the Local and National Levels!

Sentinel has been locally owned and operated since 1990. We take pride in our reasonably priced services.  It includes, but not limited to service of process, investigations, document filling and document retrieval.

As the oldest but fastest legal service in Kansas City, our mission is to try every service or procedure within 24 hours of receipt wherever you are in the country.  Are you interested in knowing more about the services we offer? Get the answers that you need to understand the vital issues about process serving and other professional services we offer!

A Leading Kansas City Process Server and Full-Service Legal Support Firm!

Sentinel has been offering legal support services for Attorneys in the greater Kansas City area and nationwide for more than 28 years. We provide a wide array of legal services including process serving. We are licensed, and our experienced process servers offer the best services at very affordable rates!

We are located in Kansas City and guarantee efficient, prompt service at both local and national levels. We serve injunctions, complaints, subpoenas, summons, and other legal documents from any jurisdiction or course to any designated area nationwide.

We provide a wide array of services to support the needs of real estate, government, and legal agencies.

  • Service of Process
  • Skip Tracing
  • Document Research & Retrieval
  • Court Filings
  • Stakeouts & Stings
  • Social Media Investigations
  • State Departments & Embassy Filings
  • Mobile Notary

At Sentinel, our mission is to offer collection agencies, landlords, attorneys and other individuals or businesses with precise and punctual legal assistance while practicing excellent customer service. Call us directly at 861-931-9311. Our customer-friendly and experienced staff will be glad to help and answer your questions.

Why Choose Sentinel as your Premier Process Service Partner?

Dependable Service – We pride ourselves on affordable and quality service of process. We follow strict obedience to codes of civil procedures. We have process servers in different areas on a daily basis to server your urgent documents.

Why other process servers take their time to serve your documents.  Overcharge and underdeliver. At Sentinel, we make it our goal to make our first attempts within 24 hours! We know that all process servers claim to be fast, reliable, dedicated, professional, and competent, yet, they overcharge and underdeliver.  Fly by night one man shows. We are a Veteran Owned and Operated Company with physical offices across the United States.  We do more than make promises – we get real results! We’ll tell you up front when we will serve it and keep you up-to-date through the process.

Reasonable Rates

What many process servers don’t want their client to know is that most of their prices accumulate from per mile, per attempt billing. Further, process serving firms offer three attempts flat rate.

Sentinel takes the most cost-effective approach. All our services are managed at flat rates. No hidden charges. We do not charge you per attempt, so you don’t need to pay more than what’s needed.  Our expertise and resources enable us to serve each job  right away upon receipt. If you have a deadline,  just let us know. We do more than knock on doors.  Our staff will report any further information we may get in the course of action. If there are unusual circumstances, we’ll inform you immediately.

Due Diligence

Sentinel understands the significance of a careful skip trace. These are true, particularly when service by publication of the client should be pursued. Sentinel has staff who are qualified in the preparations of Affidavits of service based on the legal rules.

Certificates, Statements of Service, and Affidavits are all generated to the highest standards promptly. With the help of our standardized templates, we will gladly take into account. Friendly, affordable, reliable, accurate, and fast services are our #1 goal! We know the different levels of stress connected with your industry.  Sentinel is here to help!

Service Handling

Sentinel has three types of service handlings, Standard, Rush and Same Day. Service costs include weekends at no added costs over the window of time listed for every handling. Moreover,  Sentinel is ready to organize your Specialty Needs, without costing you an arm and a leg.

No matter what the handling, our service is put into the field the same day it’s received.  In other words, your file might be served on the same day without any charges. We know that how we execute is a reflection of our clients. We take that duty very seriously. Each service is attempted promptly.  If our servers experience any strange circumstances, they will document everything and present you with the relevant information.