What are your fees?

Our process service fee is $50.00 for the metropolitan area and $100 Nationwide (in most cases). Unluckily, we don’t list our prices on our site because we believe that every case is unique. So, our fees depend on different factors. To know about Sentinel’s fees, feel free to contact us at 816-931-9311.

What times of the day do Sentinel process servers attempt service?

Sentinel’s process serves attempt every day and night. Serving to residences is usually attempted in the evenings and mornings. If you think the subject will be home during the night, please inform us. We serve the document accordingly.

Is it necessary for me to file a proof of service? Does Sentinel automatically send one?

Yes, the court should be informed the other party has been served by filing an affidavit of service. Unfortunately we do not have login access. You will receive a .pdf version of the return as well as one mailed to you. You would provide that to the clerk.

What is covered in the civil process service affidavit of diligence?

Sentinel’s affidavit of diligence is a supplementary bonus for our customers. We can combine an affidavit, which gathers thorough notes from the process server. It is the results of the standard case information and trace report.

How can I check the status of my project?

Sentinel offers different ways to check the status of a file.

  •  Visit pi-ps.com and click on status of service.
  •  You can send an email to our staff at admin@pi-ps.com
  •  Build an electronic connection to your case management software
  •  Call Sentinel at 816-931-9311
  •  Log in to our safe client portal

Who should use Sentinel’s service?

The services of Sentinel are ideal for those people needing to employ a process server. It includes but isn’t limited to attorneys, landlords, collection companies, general public, government agencies, corporations, and legal professionals.

What if the subject can’t be found?

If the identified party in the documents can’t be found, the court may permit service by publication in a newspaper. You may be requested to attest to the court that a relevant attempt was made to serve the person named. That is where the employing of a professional process server comes into action. We also provide skip tracing services to locate the individual.

How much time does it take to get my paper served?

Turn-around time can differ from process server to another. But, this is something which can be identified in most cases by you. Normally this results in expensive costs. Sentinel rates for the following speeds of service:

Routine service (first attempt within 48 hours – 4 days) $50.00

Rush service (first attempt 24 hours) $75.00

Same day service (First attempt made same day) $100.00

Can papers be delivered to effectuate service of process to an offender?

Laws differ from one state to another whether papers may be delivered to the subject. Often, if a person is not reachable, but a there’s a valid address, a judge can order that paperwork to serve a person over a certain age ie. Family member.

Are your rates competitive?

Sentinel’s rates are ethically squared away. We offer $100 nationwide and $50 some metropolitan areas. A lot of clients have had process servers in the past that gouge them with per attempt costs, mileage costs, and more. However, we charge one flat fee, so our clients are aware what to expect in the end.

Do you have more questions? Contact us today. Our friendly staff will answer all questions you have in mind.