Investigative Services

State-of-the-art skip tracing department accesses various databases and offers detailed reports to our clients. Sentinel assesses countless reports to identify the probable location where the target can be located. If you have an open court case against an entity or individual, or you need help searching for and where the subject is, Sentinel can help!

As the process service industry transforms, we are ready to meet the new demands by continuously monitoring the modern innovations and technologies. Our strong custom management system keeps Sentinel’s clients updated with what we are doing. Further, Sentinel is also dedicated to serving our clients by saving all documents linked with the case with data transfers and electronic imaging.

If you are in great need of a private investigator, feel free to review the list of the services we offer. Our Private Investigation Services include:

Stings & Stakeouts

Several subjects can be served in a thoroughly planned operation. We set up fake meetings with subjects, deliver large boxes, deliver flowers, etc.

Social Media Investigations

Sentinel provides a complete skip trace package for hunting all social media sites. We also offer a detailed report along with links to phone numbers, addresses, images, and websites for a particular subject.

Document Research

Sentinel’s research professionals copy thousands of files and documents from government and court agencies throughout the country. Our legal research crew is always ready to manage your time-sensitive request. We also pride ourselves on finishing these tasks with the utmost speed and precision.

Some of the documents we can research are the following:

  • Summons
  • Petitions
  • Court orders
  • Complaints